Albert Kerbl GmbH Felizenzell 9 84428 Buchbach Germany Telefon +49 8086 933-100 Telefax +49 8086 933-500 E-Mail info@kerbl.de www.kerbl.de © 03/2022 Made in Germany PR419=Hippomed_EN Ref. no. Contents ​ € 3211820 500 ml / Dispenser Bottle 1/14 ​ Herbal Liquid Herbal water for humidifying the air ​ Recommendations for use: • 1 x daily, mix 10 ml of Herbal Liquid with 30 - 40 ml of sterile 0.9 % saline solution and mist or moisten • the solution is also suitable for use in ultrasonic nebulisers Composition Water, plant extract (marshmallow, ribwort, sage, watercress, Icelandic moss, liquorice, ivy), NaCl, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid We are constantly striving to improve our stock of products and keep them right up to date. We reserve the right to make design changes. The publication of this catalogue renders all previous catalogues and price lists for these products invalid. All prices provided are the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices and are inclusive of VAT.All information is subject to typesetting and printing errors. Price alterations and errors reserved. Colours and designs may vary due to printing processes. Reprinting – even in extract form – is only permitted following prior permission. The right choice of inhalation agent From a therapeutic and prophylactic point of view, saline solution serves as the basis for all inhalation applications. Saline solution as a sole inhalation agent moistens the airways, loosens mucus and relieves a dry cough. In many cases, however, the course of the disease varies and requires the use of medication in combination with saline solution. Suitable medications include bronchodilators, expectorants and/or cortisone-containing preparations. We recommend that you consult a veterinarian whose advice you trust before use. In addition to the classic saline solution and prescription medicines, there are now also remedies for use in ultrasound nebulisers that can have a beneficial effect based on herbal essences. The Herbal Liquid developed by hippomed is a product that falls under this category. Regardless of which inhalation agent is used, it is advisable for the horse to inhale at rest in order to optimally wet the lungs with it. Kerbl UK Limited 8 Lands End Way Oakham, Rutland LE15 6RF UK Phone +44 01572 722558 Fax +44 01572 757614 E-Mail enquiries@kerbl.co.uk www.kerbl.co.uk