Hobbyfarming 2021

Kerbl – your partner for hobby farming! Standard farming practices are now finding their way into many private households- the keeping and breeding of small animals. These small animals, such as hares, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks or poultry, are currently undergoing a real boom as pets. Small animals such as geese, chickens and ducks are no longer being kept solely on farms, but also in many private households. Ducks are being kept to deal with the plagues of snails, which is the reason runner ducks have been introduced to many gardens. Chickens are finding new homes in urban environments to provide a local supply of organic eggs. Poultry Farming Poultry drinkers, troughs / automatic feeders, egg incubators, poultry netting, poultry pens, rabbit and poultry pens, hygiene and care, water bowls and troughs for quail, pigeon breeding Rabbit Keeping Rabbit hutches, outdoor pens, feeders and racks, troughs and drinkers, cage accessories Sheep Farming Hoof care, coat care, water bowls, troughs and racks, pasture supplies, wolf defence, Litzclip ® Llama and alpaca husbandry Stable and Care Supplies, Accessories Yet people are not just keeping common laying hens, but also ornamental breeds such as Silkies, guinea fowl and dwarf Wyandottes, which provide eggs in addition to being a hobby. All variations have one thing in common – they all need special products for care and breeding. We’re talking about coops, troughs, automated feeding and watering machines, hygiene supplies and much more. You’ll find all these sup- plies in a well-stocked specialist near you. Ask them for the current hobby farming folders, too! 4 - 42 43 - 56 57 - 60 61 - 88