Hobbyfarming 2022

4 Your own chicken yard Do you want to discover and experience the changing seasons and cycle of life with your loved ones? Do you have a suitable area near your home so that you can easily take care of and monitor your animals? Then your own chicken yard is just the ticket! The small world of the chicken yard – a dream full of wonderful fresh eggs, home-made products and shared moments with the children as they discover our pets. Making this dream reality is actually not that complicated. First, you‘ll need an area of a few square metres. Install the chicken coop there, which you have either bought or made yourself. The same goes for feed and water troughs – simple, practical designs to make looking after your animals as easy as possible. And then of course the chickens. You can choose from a variety of different breeds. There is a whole world of colours, sizes, and egg colour and quality to discover. If you want to buy chickens, you should contact a professional breeder or experienced amateur breeder, poultry breeding clubs or specialist stores. This is where you will meet real aficionados to give you advice on selecting the animals that best suit your project. The Kerbl team is delighted to pass on our passion and breeding experience to you with these practical tips, and to suggest products that are perfect for setting up and maintaining your chicken yard. A great chicken coop! I dream of a chicken yard, of poultry, ducks, fresh chicken‘s eggs in the coop – simply of bringing life into my garden! Poultry Farming