Hobbyfarming 2022

41 Poultry Netting Premium Poultry Net Premium Poultry Nets - highest quality and optimised stability thanks to the new patented PREMIUM posts The 106 cm high poultry nets impress with proven quality and innovative new posts. The extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts offer absolute stability and prevent the nets from sagging. The narrow mesh size in the lower part of the net makes these nets ideal for both chickens and lambs. • height 106 cm (11 horizontal wires), cannot be electrified • extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts with galvanised ground tip (double prong) • extremely stable welded knots • particularly small mesh width in the lower area of the net • the use of un-electrified nets is recommended especially in places where children are present or where no electrification is needed for guarding safety • subtle colour combination blends well into the landscape or private gardens • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Ground spike Length Height Colour Qty posts Matching replacement post € 292419 Double prong 25 m 106 cm green 8 292401 ​ 292418 Double prong 50 m 106 cm green 15 292401 ​ Ref. no. Description Ground spike Colour Material Post height € 27250-5 Base stopper for pasture netting ​ black Plastic ​ ​ 292401 Spare Post Double prong grey thermoplastic + fibreglass 106 cm ​ New product 3 year warranty of UV stability 5,9 cm 5,9 cm 5,9 cm 5,9 cm 11,8 cm 11,8 cm 11,8 cm 11,8 cm 11,8 cm 23,5 cm 15 x Premium Post 50 m 106 cm