Hobbyfarming 2022

6 Poultry digestion Chickens, ducks and other poultry may look very different but are quite similar when it comes to digestion. Their beaks are adapted to their diet: short and hard for chickens and very long for ducks and geese. Poultry are very special, at least when we observe their digestive systems. It starts, as with most living things, with chewing. Poultry don’t have teeth, so the mechanical part of digesting food does not start in the beak. Mother Nature corrected this anatomical ‘error’ by giving them a gizzard. Clean water and high-quality food provision are very important for good digestion. Nutrition Chickens mainly feed on grains (wheat and maize). They also find fresh plants and insects in their enclosure. Your chickens will love the organic waste from your kitchen – peel, fruit and vegetable stalks, salad leaves – and this also reduces your household waste. Daily menu 250 ml clean water, especially in summer 100 to 150 g cereals (wheat, maize) and protein crops (peas, beans), whole or ground Minerals for strong eggs Poultry Farming