Hobbyfarming 2022

80 Grooming Appropriate Care Appropriate care is essential for sheep‘s health. In addition to clean, good feed, sufficient drinking water, enough room to move, appropriate care and proper pen temperature, this also includes regular body care. Sheep shearing should be done twice a year. Use powerful shearing machines such as the constanta4 from Kerbl. Ensure that you only use properly sharp shearing blades. Shearing is then much easier and the animals are less stressed. Freshly shorn sheep react more sensitively to cold and intense sunlight. When keeping them in this way, you should take special care in the days after shearing. Sheep Shearing Machine constanta4 • the tried-and-tested motor technology gives the constanta4 tremendous tractive power • even on matted and dirt-encrusted animals the constanta4 does not „yield“ • the blades glide through thickest wool without loss of performance • special ventilation system with newly developed fan and new air duct produces substantially improved ventilation dynamics • air filter can be replaced without tools • Easy-to-service housing with ergonomic grip area for fatigue-free working • Clipper blades made from tool steel with a special HRC hardening process have excellent durability with improved grinding properties and first-class cutting capacity ​ ​ ​ Included in delivery: 1 x sheep clippers constanta4, 1 x clipper blade set, 1 x small oil bottle, 1 x screwdriver, 1 x Durable plastic case Made in Germany Ref. no. Colour Teeth lower/upper blade Shearing type € 18993 green 13 / 4 Sheep Shearing, very dirty animals ​ Technical data ​ Voltage 230 V AC Mains frequency 50 - 60 Hz Stroke rate approx. 2.400 strokes/min Sound pressure level 87 dB Cable length 3 m Dimensions 35,5 x 8 x 10,8 cm Weight 1.468 g without cable Protection class II