Hobbyfarming 2023

105 Grazing Support Post for Field Netting • ideally suited as supporting start and end posts, or for stabilising corners of pasture netting • The post is simply pushed into the corners, and the net is thereby tensioned • solid post made of galvanised round steel (ø 14 mm), with foot lug • Post tapered at the bottom for easier penetration into the earth • Jacketing with robust plastic tube (ø 20 mm) prevents power leakage (if electrifiable nets are used) Utility model application registered! ​ ​ Ref. no. Description Total height post ø Length ground nail MOQ Pieces / unit € 27340 up to a height of 90 cm 120 cm 14 mm 25 cm 4 pieces 4 / pack ​ 27350 from a height of 90 cm 145 cm 14 mm 25 cm 4 pieces 4 / pack ​ Twist Butler Netting Winder The fantastic all-round helper for the day-to-day handling of pasture nets: it allows easy setup and dismantling of the nets and offers a handy solution for storage! • easy and at the same time practical solution for setting up and dismantling pasture nets • equivalent to a reel system for nets • can be used for all nets up to 125 cm tall incl. ground nails and 50 m length • the removable crank means that the rolled-up nets can be transported and stored standing up in a space-saving and orderly manner on the plates • pasture nets can be handled daily without the use of force or outside help thanks to the Twist Butler ​ ​ ​ Made in Germany New product Ref. no. Description € 27940 1 base element (plate and rod) with one crank ​ 27942 2 Base Elements (Plate and Rod) ​ Ref. no. Description € 27941 single crank ​