Hobbyfarming 2023

112 ​ Functional principle Voltage generator with LED status display and fence connection cable Self-adhesive bipolar fence tape 10 m / 20 m The snail experiences an electrical impulse upon contact with the fence tape and turns around. This happens again and again each time it tries to cross it. Functional principle of the bed connector One charge of a 9 V block battery is sufficient for one season in constant operation! Multiple beds can be connected with the bed connector. NO second power device is needed! Areas of application Of course, we have developed our SnailStop so that it can be used for more than just raised beds. The fence tape sticks to almost all substrates made from wood, metal, concrete, plastic and stone. This makes the SnailStop ideal for simple bed borders close to the ground, lawn edges or slug plates too. Where can SnailStop be used?  Raised beds  Bed borders  Lawn edges  Slug plates  Edge stones What substrates does the fence tape stick to?  Wood  Metal  Plastic  Concrete  Stone