Hobbyfarming 2023

23 Feeding Troughs and Automatic Feeders SmartCoop Feeder with Safety Flap The SmartCoop Feeder ensures your chickens have constant access to hygienic feed. Only when a chicken presses the step, the flap opens and allows feeding until the chicken lets go of the step again. The raised step can easily be pressed by small and large chickens thanks to its spring mechanism, whereas rodents such as mice or rats find it much more difficult to access the feed. Compatibility with the SmartCoop system makes this feeder a unique all-rounder, ensuring an excellent supply of feed for the animals. • safety clap can be fixed open for acclimatisation • height-adjustable separation allows adjustment of the feed supply of floury or coarse-grained feed • tool-free removal for cleaning or filling • incl. wall bracket and screws for space-saving and safe mounting • made from robust, impact-resistant and durable plastic • optional extension set (70661) increases volume by 7.5 kg • SmartCoop compatible: can be retrofitted with the electric feed dispenser with fill level sensor (70662) ​ ​ ​ SmartCoop-compatible: the feeder can be retrofitted with the SmartCoop feed dispenser with fill level sensor Ref. no. Capacity Length Width Height € 70660 7,5 kg 36 cm 27 cm 34 cm ​ 70660+70661 Ref. no. Description Capacity € 70661 Extension Set for Feeders 7,5 kg ​ 70662 p.54 70661 70660