Hobbyfarming 2023

31 Poultry Farming EggBooster Feed Supplement for Poultry Use EggBooster to support your animals with additional calcium and vitamins. EggBooster is recommended in the case of soft-shell and cracked eggs, during growth, the laying phase and moulting. • can support bone stability and skeletal development support • can promote eggshell quality • the ideal supplement during breeding and moulting • highly concentrated vitamins • natural vitamin E • essential oil (rosemary) as an antioxidant to assist in stressful situations • economical consumption thanks to small amounts • easy use via drinking water ​ ​ Feeding recommendation: • For soft-shell and cracked eggs: 10 ml (2 caps) per litre of drinking water for at least 14 days • For the prevention of cracked eggs and during the growth phase: 5 ml (1 cap) per litre of drinking water 2-3 times a week Ref. no. Contents € 73160 1000 ml / Bottle ​ PowerBreath+ Feed Supplement for Poultry The essential oils included are beneficial and have a freeing effect on the respiratory system, strengthening the immune resistance in a natural way. This can contribute to the well-being of your animals. • highly concentrated essential oils • respiratory support • Stimulates food intake • Promotion of the secretion of digestive enzymes • preventative use in times of stress, such as stabling, incoming weather changes and increased risk of disease • ideally suited as a supplement for animals affected by ectoparasites (e.g. bird mites) • economical consumption thanks to small amounts • easy use via drinking water • suitable dispenser (221054) available as an accessory ​ ​ Feeding recommendation: • dosage: 2 ml / litre of drinking water (2 caps per 5 litres of water) over 5 days. • If necessary, continue use for a further 10 days. Ref. no. Contents € 73161 500 ml / Bottle ​ Ref. no. Description € 221054 Dispenser ​