Hobbyfarming 2023

38 Kükenaufzucht LED Candling Lamp • you can follow the development of the embryos within the eggs using the candling (egg testing) lamp • two rubber caps for different egg sizes from 18 mm • practical and flexible to use • Battery included ​ ​ ​ Technical data 73126 Voltage 1 x 1.5 V - AA (Mignon) Ref. no. Colour Power Length Ø Luminous flux € 73126 black 3 W 12 cm 3,5 cm 150 lm ​ Heating Plate CosyHeat for chicks After hatching, chicks have a high need for warmth and warm themselves under the plumage of the mother hen. Heat builds up under the feathers and the chicks enjoy the cosy temperature. The CosyHeat heating plate works in the same way. The chicks hatch under the plate and rest in the cosy warmth underneath. They can snuggle right up to the plate. The plate also radiates heat downwards, creating an accumulation of warmth. The temperature can be easily and continuously adapted to the heat needs of the chicks using a knob on the plate. An integrated thermostat ensures a constant temperature underneath the plate. It heats up until its reaches the required temperature and then maintains it. As the heating plate does not heat constantly, it is more energy efficient than conventional radiant heaters. With its height-adjustable legs, the heating plate is easy to adjust to the size of the chicks. • for rearing chicks • suitable for various poultry breeds • also suitable for beginners and hobby farmers • height-adjustable legs • temperature is adjusted using the integrated knob • with thermostat • Insulation for targeted heat dissipation downwards • energy-saving and more efficient than conventional radiant heaters • safe 24 V operation • with power pack for connection to a 230 V power supply ​ ​ ​ Technical data 70420 70421 Voltage 24 V 24 V Number of animals 25 50 Ref. no. Heating output Length Width € 70420 25 W 30 cm 30 cm ​ 70421 50 W 40 cm 50 cm ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Description Colour Material Length Width suitable for € 70422 Protective Cover for Heating Plate CosyHeat black Polypropylene 30 cm 30 cm 70420 ​ 70423 Protective Cover for Heating Plate CosyHeat black Polypropylene 40 cm 50 cm 70421 ​ Chicks jump onto the heating plate from being just a few days old and soil it. The protective cover can be easily fitted to the heating plate and prevents the chicks from sitting on it. If they attempt to jump onto the plate, they slide off and the heating plate remains clean. • suitable for heating plate CosyHeat • easy assembly • available in various sizes • protective cover not included in the scope of delivery (available as an option) 70423