Hobbyfarming 2023

not electrifiable • if small children are playing near the outlet, for example A safe and well laid-out run makes your chickens happy chickens and allows species-appropriate breeding. For real animal well-being, a number of points should be noted: • The run must also provide a sufficient supply of water for the animals. • The run must be large enough for the number of animals in it. • The chickens‘ natural pecking and scratching puts a lot of stress on the turf of the lawn: it is therefore advisable to regularly re-lay the run! • We recommend using electrified nets: The animals quickly learn to respect this fence and it also forms the safest barrier between them and other domestic animals (e.g. dogs). Electrified nets must always be marked with appropriate warning signs! To ensure a net provides reliable protection, it must be easily perceivable by the animals - so it needs to stand upright. The ideal solution comes in the form of PREMIUM posts in the net! Some further information can be found here: Double prong • for good stability even in soft, earthy soils Single prong • for easy entry in stony and dry soils can be electrified • safe barrier Poultry Netting Premium Post Standard Post Premium Post