Hobbyfarming 2023

84 “Anyone who says you can’t touch happiness has never stroked an alpaca.” Llamas and alpacas are very social animals used to living in a herd. There are some points to note in order to meet their needs. You primarily need plenty of space for your llamas and alpacas, preferably on a large pasture, as camelids need a particularly large amount of movement. Your fence should be 1.40 - 1.60 m in height. You should also secure your fence well at the base, so that none of your animals can slip under it. Pasture Stable Care Feed A suitable shelter with hay is needed alongside the pasture. Llamas and alpacas are not sensitive to cold, therefore a stable that protects against wind, rain and sun is sufficient. It is important to have enough space for all the animals. Caring for these animals is relatively easy. It includes regular toenail cutting and once annual clipping. The nails should always be cut to be flush with the sole. Llamas and alpacas are used to living in sparsely vegetated terrain so they make do with grass and hay. They also like to nibble on branches and tree trunks. The cold winter months do not affect the animals are they are protected by their thick coats. You will find a selection of suitable water bowls on page 96 to 97 so that they have sufficient frost-free water available even in the winter. You can find suitable products in our Kerbl fencing catalogue.