Hobbyfarming 2023

91 Grooming Appropriate Care Appropriate care is essential for sheep‘s health. In addition to clean, good feed, sufficient drinking water, enough room to move, appropriate care and proper pen temperature, this also includes regular body care. Sheep shearing should be done twice a year. Use powerful clippers such as the Econom NOVA from Aesculap. Ensure that you only use properly sharp shearing blades. Shearing is then much easier and the animals are less stressed. Freshly shorn sheep react more sensitively to cold and intense sunlight. When keeping them in this way, you should take special care in the days after shearing. Aesculap Sheep Shearing Machine Econom NOVA With newly designed cutter head, to accommodate the specially designed shearing blade GT598 as well as most shearing blades from other manufacturers. The new all-round talent for sheep and special cattle shearing with all the advantages from the Aesculap clipper forge! • the Aesculap motor, which was developed and produced in Germany, can overcome any coat obstacle, no matter how large, and allows the machine to glide consistently through the coat • low heating of the handle area as well as the shearing head due to perfect air flow concept • ergonomic and low-fatigue handling even during long periods of use due to slim housing and balanced weight • very easy maintenance due to tool-free filter and carbon replacement • integrated electronic start-up control and overload protection mean the greatest possible operational safety • uniform and long-lasting cut quality and re-grinding properties thanks to low-wear shearing blades made of special steel Tip: now with shorter shearing blade GT598 - compatible with most other manufacturers 200 W DC = 400 W AC ​ ​ Included in delivery: 1 x clipper Econom Nova, 1 x upper blade (GT578), 1 x lower blade 3.5 mm (GT598), 1 x Aesculap oil (GT604), 1 x instruction manual, 1 x Durable plastic case GT578 Technical data ​ Power 200 W Clipper head system Shearing Blade Set Drive DC motor Drive Spur gear Stroke rate approx. 2.750 strokes/min Sound pressure level 76 dB Cable length 5 m Weight 1.200 g Protection class II Ref. no. Colour € GT694 blue ​ Ref. no. Description suitable for Lower blade teeth Upper blade teeth Shearing height € GT669 Sheep Cutter Head Econom NOVA incl. clipper blade set ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ GT578 Shearing Blade for Sheep Econom Upper Blade, BB-4.5 mm universal ​ 4 ​ ​ GT598 Shearing Blade for Sheep Econom Bottom Blade NOVA universal 13 ​ 3,5 mm ​ Made in Germany