Horse and Rider 2022 New Products

35 Ultrasound Inhaler for Horses Air-One Air-One sets the standard in equine respiratory treatment and therapy. When inhaled at rest, optimal wetting of the bronchial area is facilitated. The inhaler is ideal for respiratory problems in horses, such as dampness (RAO/COB/COPD), horse cough, allergies, bronchitis, fungi / mites in the lungs and much more. • one of the most effective inhalation devices on the market for decades • maximum nebuliser output combined with optimal particle size ensures effective inhalation • very simple operation and almost maintenance-free operation • splash-proof construction and impact-resistant materials ensure safe operation • transparent horse mask (tube slips off easily in panic situation) • optimised fit of the mask thanks to soft and flexible rubber seal • easy cleaning thanks to removable valves • Fault indication in case of low water level or overheating • permanent operation through 230 Volt operation • Protection class: IP54 In this procedure with ventilation adjustment (2 - 5 ml per breath), the upper airways are humidified with moisture up to the tips of the bronchi. The maximum nebulisation performance of approx. 15 ml/min. in continuous operation is adapted to a horse‘s lung. ​ ​ Air-One Nebuliser 230 Volt, Inhalation Mask with Silicone Seal for Horses, Head Strap for Horse Mask, elastic connection hose, Wall bracket for Nebuliser, Contact liquid, Disinfectant, 30 x medication cups, protective transport container, Operating instructions Bit size Mask size < 11.0 cm Shetty / foal 11.0 – 14.5 cm warmblood > 14.5 cm coldblood Ref. no. Description ​ € 3211800 Air-One without Mask 1 ​ 3211802 Air-One incl. Warmblood Mask 1 ​ Ref. no. Description Contents ​ € 3211810 Inhalation Mask incl. Accessories for Shetty / foal ​ 1 ​ 3211807 Inhalation Mask incl. Accessories for warmblood ​ 1 ​ 3211809 Inhalation Mask incl. Accessories for coldblood ​ 1 ​ 3211818 Medicine cup 30 items ​ 1 ​ 3211819 Contact liquid 1.000 ml 1 ​ 299310 cit Surface Disinfection Spray Erazer RTU 1.000 ml 1/12 ​ Made in Germany New product 3211802