Kerbl Horse and Rider 2019

140 Clippers Aesculap Aesculap Battery-Operated Clipper Bonum ​ The new cordless clippers from Aesculap, fitted with lithium-ion batteries and a sleek and ergonomic design. The Bonum is also a perfect fit for women’s hands and boasts low weight, low noise and long battery life. The Bonum is also fitted with an intelligent lithium-ion battery system. On the one hand, the battery technology protects the device from overheating and switches it off until it has cooled when the battery temperature reaches >50°C. On the other hand, the charger provides information on the battery status with two LED displays. • extremely light, just 900 g incl. batter and shaving blade • just 40 mm diameter and 12.5 cm in circumference in the grip area, therefore also great for small hands • very comfortable noise level • very short and handy at 295 mm in length • very well balanced • powerful and long-lasting • lithium technology so no memory effect • battery from tool professionals • electronic push button recessed in the housing means no more accidental switching the machine on or off when handling • Aesculap shearing blades from the Made in Germany Econom series • supplied package: Bonum clipper, battery, charger, blade set, instructions, oil, hardshell case Aesculap Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui GT146 for Cattle/Horse Clippers ​ The shearing plate pressure of Aesculap cattle/horse clippers is child‘s play to adjust with this innova- tive torque key. Benefits of the Torqui at a glance: • precise basic adjustment of the plate pressure • increased shearing plate life thanks to longer inter- vals between regrinding • consistent edge-retention • easy to handle • no prior knowledge needed • small, easy to handle, maintenance-free • precision instrument engineered in Germany • suitable for all Bonum and Econom cattle and horse clippers • all cattle and horse cutter heads can be retrofitted with the knurled screw GT147 For perfect plate pressure! ​ ref. no. description ​ € GT146 Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui for Cattle/Horse Clippers 1/20 ​ GT147 Knurled screw for Torqui GT146 1/500 ​ technical data ​ Drive: DC motor 10.8 V Battery technology: 2000 mAh, lithium-ion Stroke rate: 2500 strokes/min Run time: 80 min Charging time: 55 min Sound pressure level: 65 db (A) Weight with battery: 900 g Dimensions (W/H/L): 29.5 x 7.5 x 7.8 cm ref. no. description colour ​ € GT644-BL Battery Clippers Bonum Cattle, incl. 1 battery, GT501 / GT502 blue 1/8 ​ GT654-BL Battery Clippers Bonum Horse, incl. 1 battery, GT505 / GT502 blue 1/8 ​ GT654-RO Battery Clippers Bonum Horse, incl. 1 battery, GT505 / GT502 pink 1/8 ​ GT646-BL Battery Clippers Bonum Cattle, incl. 2 battery, GT501 / GT502 blue 1/8 ​ GT656-BL Battery Clippers Bonum Horse, incl. 2 battery, GT505 / GT502 blue 1/8 ​ GT656-RO Battery Clippers Bonum Horse, incl. 2 battery, GT505 / GT502 pink 1/8 ​ GT641 Replacement battery - 1/14 ​ L i - I o n GT147 GT146