Kerbl Horse and Rider 2019

Kerbl – your home for brands! We are proud to be able to tell our customers and business partners about so many attractive brands and business segments in this year of growth. At the beginning of 2018, the premium brand “Bucas” became a part of the Kerbl Group. There is not much more to say about this brand beloved by the riding community; the countless awards speak for themselves. We look forward to continuing development of the future product range together with the specialists from Bucas. We have decided to continue presenting Bucas products in their own catalogue so please have a look at There has also been another pleasant change to the “MagicBrush” brand: Due to the many years of exclusive collaboration with this brand and the high mutual appreciation, it became clear after some brief negotiation that MagicBrush fits perfectly in the Kerbl family. Naturally, Kerbl will continue working on expanding the brand and product range under the slogan “Simply Bright”. The new products from “Covalliero” do not, of course, disappoint either. New outerwear pieces, among other things, have been added to the product range as “Basics” under the “-C- absolute” category for rider equipment. Tournament shirts and a high-quality rain poncho are also making a fine addition to the new product line-up. You will also find some new products in the clipper product range for the brands “Aesculap” and “Clipster”. The new “Durati”, an agile and powerful clipper from Aesculap with the universal snap-on cutter head system, is well suited for the Dear business partner, Dear customer, detailed clipping of horses. The “Clipster” models will win you over in the low-cost price segment; they were also developed for trimming dogs and the detail clipping of horses. The top new product: Due to multiple requests, the “Mistboy Mini” horse apple collector was developed. Thus we are one of the first companies to offer a product like this adapted for children. By reducing the shovel size and the total height of the Mistboy, children will take pure delight in using this new helpful tool. The rake was developed from break-proof plastic in a new, practical shape to reduce the weight and improve handing and practicality. We are sure that it is not just children who will be loving this new Mistboy. We hope you take the time to linger over the pages that follow. We are sure that, alongside our new products, many classics and other interesting products will also excite your curiosity. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements. We would be only too happy to improve our collections for you! Your Kerbl Team LESERWAHL BEST BRAND 2018 Kategorie: Stalltechnik