Horse and Rider 2020

We are proud to present our new “Horse and Rider” catalogue 2020. Once again, we have added a variety of new products and innovations to the range. Our development cycles are becoming ever shorter and the challenge of bringing practical products to market in good time is becoming ever more demanding. This is why we work as a team with our customers, riders and horse and stable owners, to reflect their needs as precisely as possible. At this point, we would like to thank everyone who works with us to create new products and who gives us valuable advice. It is always difficult to highlight specific new developments in order to give you, dear reader, a representative sample. Since we supply numerous brands, such as Kerbl, Covalliero, MagicBrush, Aesculap and many more, there are once again innovative solutions for many applications in 2020. You’ll find many new ideas for fitting out stables and feeding horses in the Kerbl world. New LED lamps for perfectly lit riding halls, for example, are just as exciting as our new trough systems and occupational materials for horses. An example of this latter is the HaySwing, the healthy occupation for your horse made solely out of roughage. A new hay tunnel or nets for round bales put the finishing touch on the topic of “slow, species-appropriate“ feeding. The Covalliero brand has a variety of new riding breeches in store. The revival of Glen plaid trousers is one very special highlight. You are sure to love the ideal fit and modern accessories, and we are already looking forward to the feedback from our huge Covalliero fan base. In outerwear, we have classic quilted jackets and gilets with a brand new touch of shine. We have a new riding helmet to introduce to our safety range. In line with the current trend, the design plays with glitter effects combined with classic black. Dear business partner, dear customer, Our new product, Goleygo 2.0 by Covalliero, a new and innovative magnetic panic snap for safely connecting human and animal is also here. As you may have heard, we were able to win over the specialist jury at the Spogahorse Awards and won the Innovations category with this sophisticated system. There’s also plenty to see in the MagicBrush family – discover the new children’s and premium line with highly interesting and effective care products, all with the motto “MagicBrush – Simply Bright”! There are new additions to the clipper range, too – the Aesculap Durati is now available in a white design with pink flourishes. We love the overall look. Its performance and power remains just as excellent as the red classic model. A new model has been added for trimming detailed areas such as ears and face, with the brand name “Clipster”. But that’s enough words for now, we hope you enjoy browsing and find your favourite products from the Kerbl brand family. Let us know if you have any suggestions for new products or ideas for improvements. We would be only too happy to improve our collections for you! Your Kerbl Team