Horse and Rider 2023

137 MagicBrush MagicBrush Skin Care Balm SkinCare The new balm can help stressed and itchy skin caused by a wide variety of environmental factors. The special formula absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and provides long-lasting, intense care! • balm for stressed horse skin • special fast-absorbing formula takes the high-quality ingredients instantly to the stressed skin layers • natural extracts of calendula, carrot and St. John‘s wort provide increased resistance for the skin and coat • fluid sulphur is known to reduce itching and consequently the tendency to rub • the vegetable oil mixture in the formula embedded in a balm complex, non-greasy and provides long-lasting, intense care with marigold, carrot and St. John‘s Wort oil ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 3223375 500 ml / Bottle 1/12 ​ 3223376 2000 ml / Canister 1/4 ​ MagicBrush Horse shampoo with wheat proteins Gentle horse shampoo made from high-quality ingredients for the care and maintenance of the mane, tail and coat. Contains wheat proteins for silky shine, easy combing and intact, healthy skin! The skin is supplemented with important nutrients and remains flexible and resilient. Regular use preserves the natural structure and shine of the coat. • deep yet gentle cleaning for a soft and shiny coat • a moisturising agent (D-Panthenol complex) protects the skin and coat from drying out – D-Panthenol also sooths damaged skin • skin protection formulation, even with frequent washing with oat proteins and D-Panthenol ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 3223442 1000 ml / Bottle 1/6 ​ Made in the EU MagicBrush Cooling Gel Equifresh • recommended for horse and rider • cools and refreshes tired horses‘ legs, tendons, joints and muscles • applied immediately after training or riding • rapidly absorbed and leaves no residue on the coat with arnica, menthol, gingko and chamomile ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 3223440 500 ml / Pump Bottle 1/12 ​ Made in the EU Made in the EU