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189 Licks and Lick Holders Delizia® Lick stone made from rock crystal salt • natural salt lick • contains minerals and trace elements • with hanging cable This is an entirely natural product and it is made by hand, which is why the actual products may vary in terms of shape and colour from the picture shown. ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight ​ € 325669 1,75 kg 1/12 ​ 321554 2,5 kg 1/6 ​ Delizia® Mineral Lick Equisal The combination of zinc and selenium can help with metabolic disorders, skin and coat problems, brittle hooves, muscle and fertility problems • consists of highly digestible and high quality food-grade Mediterranean salt • for the regulation of blood pressure and the acid-base balance • promotes the responsiveness of muscles and nerves made from precious Mediterranean salt, selenium and zinc ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight Contents ​ € 325671 3 kg 4 pieces / Cardboard 1 ​ Delizia® Mineral Lick Equisal NoFly • consists of highly digestible and high quality food-grade Mediterranean salt • can deter annoying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and fleas • can promote blood circulation and support the immune system • promotes the maintenance of a neutral stomach pH • antioxidant effect through the minerals iron, selenium, zinc, manganese and vitamin E • can improve digestion and metabolism • can reduce the stress factor that is triggered by annoying insects made from precious Mediterranean salt ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 325670 3 kg 4 pieces 4 / box 1/4 ​ Delizia® Herbal Lick Equisal DarmoFin The herbal lick stone with the special herbs for naturally supporting the intestinal environment. Alongside salt and trace elements, herbs with high levels of bitter substances and tannins have a positive effect on the metabolism and general well-being. • supports a healthy diet with the help of the special blend of herbs • can help reduce the need for chemical wormer treatments • supports the metabolism and general well-being • can help avoid deficiency diseases • ADMR compliant and not relevant to doping with valuable sea salt and special herbs ​ ​ wild herbs create an intestinal environment that is hostile to worms • walnut leaves, aspidium,southernwood, coriander, wild garlic, dandelion root Ref. no. Single weight MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 3224540 3 kg 4 pieces 4 / box 1/4 ​ Top Seller