Horse and Rider 2023

195 Clippers Aesculap Aesculap Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui Favorita Every Favorita clipping head is child‘s play to adjust with this torque key. • precise basic adjustment of the blade pressure • increased clipping head life thanks to longer intervals between regrinding • consistent edge-retention • easy to handle • no prior knowledge needed • small, easy to handle, maintenance-free • precision instrument engineered in Germany • compatible with all Favorita clipping heads • all Favorita clipping heads can be retrofitted with an appropriate knurled screw For the perfect shearing blade pressure! If required, the thumbscrew can be adjusted by up to half a turn. ​ ​ Ref. no. ​ € GT142 1/100 ​ Ref. no. Description MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € GT143 Knurled screw for Torqui Favorita 1 pack 5 / pack 1 ​ Aesculap Cordless Clipper Favorita CLi Latest generation of cordless Favorita THE innovative and familiarly powerful cordless clipper for professional use! The integrated „InfoLED Display“ shows the battery charge status as well as oil and cleaning instructions at any time. • incl. Favorita InfoLED: always informed about the operating status of battery and device! • enormous cutting power with 3,300 strokes, thanks to high-quality brushless motor • Li-ion battery of the latest technology guarantees extremely long operating times compared to the previous model • ergonomic and perfectly balanced • weight of only 390 g for fatigue-free working • charging station with LED display and charging bays for machine and spare battery • Supplied without clipping head Favorita: the unique small animal clipper with adjustable shearing blade pressure and digital InfoLED display! ​ ​ Set includes: 1 x cordless clippers Favorita CLi, 1 x Aesculap oil (GT604), 1 x instruction manual, 1 x charging station, 1 x power pack with interchangeable plug (EU, UK, US, AUS), depending on the model: 1 or 2 x Li-ion batteries Favorita InfoLED: • shows the battery charge status on contact when required - even when switched off • situational warning in the form of an oil can when the time interval for oiling is exceeded • situational warning if the control registers a problem, e.g. due to overheating Ref. no. Description Colour ​ € GT234-NB incl. 1 battery blue 1/9 ​ GT234-SR incl. 1 battery red 1/9 ​ GT236-NB incl. 2 batteries blue 1/9 ​ GT236-SR incl. 2 batteries red 1/9 ​ Ref. no. Description capacity of battery ​ € XT431 Spare battery 2.850 mAh 1/20 ​ Made in Germany Technical data ​ Clipper head system Aesculap Favorita Drive brushless EC motor Drive Rocker arm/eccentric Stroke rate approx. 3.300 strokes/min Battery technology Li-Ion Battery capacity 2.850 mAh Battery run time 180 min Battery charge time 240 min Sound pressure level 63 dB Weight 390 g incl. battery and clipping head GT143 GT142 Li-Ion LED Info 3300/min