LED Lighting for Stable and Farmyard

19 LED Flood Light Lens optic minimises glare and light-shadow contrast Ref. no. Power Length Width Height Dimming function Luminous flux Colour temperature ​ ​ € 345691 50 W 188 mm 266 mm 60 mm cannot be dimmed 6.000 lm 6.000 K 1/8 80 119,00 345694 100 W 357 mm 270 mm 71 mm cannot be dimmed 13.000 lm 5.700 K 1 36 189,00 345692 200 W 408 mm 309 mm 71 mm dimmable 24.000 lm 5.700 K 1 28 339,00 Ref. no. Description ​ € 345693 Mounting adapter for flood light towers (spigot Ø 76 mm) 1/16 22,99 comparison of riding arena illumination of the Comfort Pro 200 W (left) with standard floodlights (right) Perfect light for horse and rider with Comfort Pro 200 W As steppe animals, horses have a high need for light and, as prey animals, have a very wide field of view (340 °). They see in mainly shades of green and blue and only adapt slowly to changes between light and dark. The LED floodlight Comfort Pro 200 W is adapted to these needs and special features and is therefore perfectly suited as a riding arena light. It provides high light intensity within a horse-friendly light spectrum. Homogeneous illumination reduces glare and light/ shadow contrast, only directing the light to where it is needed. Perfect lighting for horse and rider! Find out more in the “LED Lighting for Horses” brochure. The lights include integrated LED bulbs. The bulbs in the lights cannot be replaced.