LED Lighting for Stable and Farmyard

32 Recommended illumination levels Recommended illumination levels in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1. Recommended light levels for rooms and open spaces are determined by which activities are to be carried out there. Recommended illumination levels Lux Typical office lighting 500​ Agriculture ​ Calving Pens and Food Preparation 200 Light regime for increasing milk production 200 Pig Sty 80 Stalls for sick animals 200 Loading and operating of conveyors and machines 200 Sales rooms ​ Sales area 300 Checkout area 500 Packing Table 500 Riding ​ High-level competitions and training 500 Mid-level competitions, performance training 300 Easy competitions, training, recreational sports 200 Bearing ​ Packing and posting area 300 Storage rooms for similar, large-scale storage goods 50 Storage rooms with search tasks, not similar storage goods 100 Storage room with reading tasks 200 High bay warehouses with pathways and personnel 150 High bay warehouses with pathways without personnel 20 Installation work ​ Heavy-duty work 200 Mdium fine work 300 Fine work 500 Very fine work 750 Vehicle repair shops and vehicle inspection sites 300 Exhibition and show rooms ​ General lighting 300 Machinery hall 200 Metalworking, metal processing ​ Weld 300 heavy-duty and mid-level machine work 300 detailed machine work, grinding 500 Marking, inspection 750 Surface treatment and painting 750 General areas, activities and tasks ​ Entrance hall 100 Waiting rooms 200 First Aid rooms 500 Break rooms, lounges 200 Public Lighting ​ Public access and parking 5-10 company car parks 10 Electrical industry ​ Cable and wire production 300 galvanising 300 Installation work ​ for heavy-duty work such as large transformers 300 mid-level work such as switchboards 500 detailed work such as telephones 750 very detailed work such as measurement instruments 1000 Traffic zones ​ Traffic areas and corridors 100 Stairs, Escalators, Moving Walkways 150 Loading ramps, loading areas 150