LED Lighting for Stable and Farmyard

5 Basic lighting technology terms Nowadays it is not enough to judge the light output of a lamp or bulb by just the wattage. What is more important is the luminous flux (lumens) as well as the luminous efficacy (lumens per watts). Luminous flux Unit: Lumens (lm) The luminous flux characterises the total amount of light given off by a light source in all directions. This is an important criterion when comparing luminaires. Luminous efficacy Unit: Lumens per watt (lm/W) The luminous efficacy characterises the level of effectiveness of a light source and is calculated from the relationship of the luminous flux to the recorded output. Lighting strength Unit: Lux (lx) 1 Lux = 1 lm/m² The lighting strength characterises the luminous flux striking a specific surface. It is ultimately the deciding measure for evaluating the brightness at a specific point in the space. The greater distance away the light source is located, the larger the illuminated surface and correspondingly the lower the lighting strength will be. The measurement of the lighting strength in the stable should take place at eye level. 1 lumen Watt Lumens 1 lux 1 m² ​ ​ Examples ​ Classic light bulb approx. 10 lm/W Halogen spotlight approx. 18 lm/W LED chip approx. 100-170 lm/W The new standard with many advantages