LED Lighting for Stable and Farmyard

6 The advantages at a glance High service life LED chips have a very long service life up to 100,000 hours. In continual operation, that amounts to approx. 6 years; at 8 hours of daily operation, this amounts to over 17 years. Costs for maintenance and lamp replacement are also reduced to a minimum. LED chips also do not simply fail, but rather begin to lose their brightness over time (degradation). Reputable providers normally offer a „useful life duration“ according to EU Regulation 1194/2012. For example, the information „L70“ indicates that the LED chip will still achieve 70 % of its original light output after 50,000 hours. The life span of an LED chip depends, among other things, on the operating and ambient temperature: The better the heat dissipation and the lower the ambient temperature, the slower the ageing process. LED technology in the stable pays off LEDs operate at a high level of effectiveness and are extremely efficient. Their luminous efficacy is thus especially high. The investment costs for new equipment or a conversion are currently still normally higher when compared to conventional lighting technology; however these costs will pay for themselves over a short amount of time due to the considerable savings in operating costs – when all is said and done, you will be saving real cash, day after day! LED lights with industrially manufactured LED chips have, for example, approx. a 5 x higher luminous efficacy than conventional halogen lights. Though it is true that modern discharge lamps (fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps) also achieve high luminous efficacy; however, you have to take into account here that the light is given off in all directions and despite reflectors, a portion of that light is „lost.“ In contrast, LEDs emit light downward at a defined angle of, e.g. 120° – therefore, the light reaches where it is really needed. 80-90 % less energy costs at the same light output Comparison of LED and halogen spotlights Example: Burning life 4 hours per day (1,460 hours per year) A good 100 watt LED spotlight will be brighter than a 500 watt halogen spotlight, but will consume approx. 80 to 90 % less power. Luminaire light current per spotlight total light current generated annual electricity costs (based on € 0.35/kW) 3 x 500 Watt halogen spotlight (18 lm/W) 9000 lumens (500 watt x 18 lm/W) 3 x 9,000 lumens = 27,000 lumens €766.50 2 x 100 Watt LED spotlight (130 lm/W) 13,000 lumens (100 Watt x 130 lm/W) 2 x 13,000 lumens = 26,000 lumens € 102.20 Annual electricity cost savings: ​ ​ € 664.30 Examples ​ ​ LED chip up to 100.000 h Modern fluorescent lamp approx. 18.000 h Halogen lamp approx. 2.000 h Light bulb approx. 1.000 h