Electric Fence 2021/22

46 Testing and Control Equipment FenceCONTROL ...mobile monitoring and control! The new FenceCONTROL allows for easy monitoring and control of remote fence systems. You will be immediately notified via push message on your mobile phone if it falls below the minimum output voltage (threshold can be set individually) or in the event of a complete failure. On the app, you will receive further details about the monitored fence system, and you can modify alarm thresholds, track fence and battery voltages graphically, and receive the present status at any time. FenceCONTROL works with all commercially available fence devices. The control unit can either be operated directly via 9, 12, or 230 volts (especially when the control unit is not positioned in direct proximity with the fence control unit) or via the same power supply (9 or 12 volts) as the electric fence battery energizer (please also order the corresponding connection cable). ​ Control Unit Made in Germany