Kerbl Pet Supply 2018/2019

Dear business partner, dear animal lover, We are pleased to present you with our new 2018/2019 catalogue for pet supplies. We have once again focused on our products’ quality, safety and functionality when selecting our range. On the following pages, Albert Kerbl GmbH will be presenting you with an exceptionally attractive production selection – from first-rate innovations to tried-and-tested classics. Many newly developed highlights and designs in all categories make welcome additions to our world of pets this year. Particularly noteworthy are our new ECO plastic pens, “Rodent Pen Samy” and “Chicken Coop Barney”, made from eco-friendly recycled materials (60 % plastic, 40 % wood) – take a look! The benefits of plastic pens are clear. Their smooth and firm surface makes cleaning the pens much easier. The material boasts weather-resistance, provides protection in all four seasons, is UV-resistant, excellently insulated, odour-neutral and waterproof. Pre-drilled holes and threads make installation a breeze. Alongside these items mentioned above, there are of course more interesting new products in the various categories. The new “Multisuite” series in the “Rodent” range is sure to win over new customers, as is the “Rodent Pen Samy”. We have added a fresh feel to our “Dogs” category with our new product line, “Royal Pets”. The design of this new series captivates with its English look and timeless elegance. Its functional and high-quality materials give the collection a unique touch, making it ideal for every dog lover at home and on the go. You will also find new and attractive products in the “Cats” range, such as the “Banana Leaf” cat tree or “Oldie” cat tree, which was specially designed for older, ill or overweight cats. These new items are just a taste of the interesting journey through our extensive range of products that awaits you. We would be delighted if you take the time to browse our 2018/2019 catalogue and we are sure that you will find many products, classic and new, to suit your taste. Do please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments; we will be happy to optimise our range for you! Your Kerbl Team ​