Kerbl Pet Supply 2020/2021

Dear business partner, dear animal lover! We are pleased to present you with our new 2020/2021 catalogue for pet supplies. Albert KERBL GmbH now has a 20-year history in the pet industry! We would like to sincerely thank all our customers and business partners who have accompanied and supported us in this time. We are very much looking forward to continuing deepening the rela- tionship between humans and animals in the future and to being a loyal partner for you in all animal-related issues. This decade will see an ecological revolution, away from “throwaway society” and towards sustainability and the careful use of resources. Albert Kerbl would also like to do its part – KERBL goes ECO! This is represented by a re-extended range of environmentally friendly ECO recycled products. Alongside our existing range, we are also now offering a feed bar, a two-storey cat house, a litter box house and an outdoor play area for cats made from this unique material mix! We are also using recyclable plastics in our transport boxes and litter boxes. These environmentally friendly products reduce load on landfill on the one hand, and reduces the use of fossil resources in production on the other. Let us live in a sustainable world with our animals so that we can enjoy each other for a long time. While browsing the new catalogue, why not also take a look at the expanded MagicBrush family? We are pleased to now be offering a soft version in addition to the already well-known dog brushes, plus a Mag- icBrush for our kitties! “Magic Brush – Simply Bright! Our new “Giulia” sleeping spot series is another highlight. Selected high-quality materials in a modern and elegant look for your four-legged friends! Be inspired and treat your dog to a cosy retreat. We are happy to accept suggestions for our range and are looking for- ward to your responses. We hope you enjoy browsing through the world of Kerbl pets. Your Kerbl Team