PET Supply 2023/2024

144 SnapOn system Aesculap Cutter head SnapOn Cutter heads from Aesculap Schermaschinen are precision parts with a claim to perfection. The cutter head determines the performance of every clipper. The SnapOn cutter heads from the metal forge in Suhl/Thuringia are genuine „Made-inGermany“ products. Exceptionally high-quality cutting tools are manufactured from top-quality carbon blanks in several production stages in accordance with medical technology guidelines. Except for the hardening process, the parts never leave the production facility. ​ ​ ​ This „in-house“ production has only advantages for you: • unmatched long cutting durability due to first-grade carbon steel • consistently high cutting capacity of each individual cutter head thanks to state-of-the-art CNC grinding and milling equipment • exceptional coat gliding behaviour due to highend surface finish • uniform and clean cutting pattern due to the specially developed tooth geometry • extremely often, regrindable up to 7 times due to the combination of material hardness, quality and manufacturing expertise Made in Germany GT305 0,2 mm GT310 0,25 mm GT317 0,5 mm GT320 0,8 mm GT323 0,8 mm GT326 1,2 mm GT330 1,5 mm GT333 2,0 mm GT339 2,4 mm GT341 2,8 mm GT343 3,2 mm GT345 3,2 mm GT357 6,3 mm GT387 0,5 mm GT360 6,3 mm GT388 1 mm GT366 9,5 mm GT389 1,5 mm GT364 9,5 mm NEW NEW NEW