PET Supply 2023/2024

154 Multi-feeder base Snack ball, feed bar and lick plate in one for dogs and cats! Innovative design paired with multifunctional application. The multi-feeder base allows for multiple uses to keep your pet occupied. • 3-in-1 multi-tool to occupy your pet • Snack ball with large, lockable opening for easy filling with treats • lick plate with bobbled upper material made of TPR aids slower food intake and helps reduce stress • Snack ball and lick plate can also be used individually, without the base • Anti-Gobble Feeder with Non-Slip Rubber Bobbles • keeps your pet mentally fit, prevents boredom and helps reduce stress • all parts are made from high-quality and BPA-free plastic, are sturdy and are easy to clean Also suitable for on the move! ​ ​ Included in delivery: 1 x Anti-Gobble Feeder (base) 700 ml, 1 x Lick Plate Ø 15.5 cm, 1 x Snack Ball Ø 11 cm (for treats max. 1.2 x 2 cm), 1 x locking mechanism for lick plate Ref. no. Colour Height Ø ​ € 4 018653 282571 80551 anthracite / green 14 cm 19 cm 1/12 ​ New product 1. Combination snack ball in the feeder: the snack ball is held in the feeder and therefore acts as an intelligent toy for your pet. The ball filled with treats must be turned until the treats fall out of the ball. The spring attached to the ball ensures that the treats are pushed out of the feeder and that the animal picks these up as a reward. Brain training in a fun way with rewards! 2. Lick plate on feeder combination: In this case, the lick plate with a bobbled TPR material surface is placed on the feeder and the dog or cat is able to lick up wet food, pastes or creams from the lick plate without harming their back or joints. Licking is one of our pets‘ natural characteristics and helps them to relax or relieve stress. It prevents hasty eating. The bobbles on the lick plate stimulate the flow of saliva, which leads to healthy and regulated digestion. 3. Anti-gobble feeder: the base on its own serves as a feeder for food and water. The raised areas in the feeder reduce hasty eating and drinking.