Protective Equipment 2020/21

We are delighted to be offering you a new Work and Safety Catalogue in its now familiar format. Albert Kerbl GmbH was founded in 1984 as a small, family-owned company with five employees. With foresight, an understanding of the market and inimitable speed, products were developed and markets were conquered. We now have a workforce of 500 people, with offices in Germany, Austria, France and Poland, and achieve a turnover of more than € 260 million. Despite our rapid growth, we are very proud to remain a family-orientated company. Our strengths: • continuity: the company continues to be managed by Mr Albert Kerbl personally. The next generation plays an active role in the company in the form of Ulli Kerbl. • superlative delivery service: our new logistics centre in Ampfing, in the county of Mühldorf, was opened in December 2009. Doubling the size of our storage space became necessary as early as 2015. 29,000 pallet bays in the high-bay warehouse alone in an area spanning 38,500m² enable us to keep our prices stable in the long term, despite rising prices in the country of our products’ origin. • Quality: Mr. Kerbl puts his name to the quality of our products. By not having middlemen, Kerbl is able to guarantee high-quality products at excellent prices, and is in direct contact with manufacturers. • Field sales support and merchandising: the majority of countries in Europe are comprehensively looked after by our field sales team. Whether you have questions about a product or an order - just give us a call. Spaceman support and EDIfact: all of our products are supplied with appropriate packaging and are ready for retail. We put your modules together and offer ideas for the best possible presentation. You can send orders to us at any time by telephone, fax, e-mail, via our online portal or through our field sales team. • a variety of languages: our products feature up to 20 different languages. • Tailor-made customer solutions: thanks to our excellent vertical manufacturing range, we are able to respond to customers’ individual wishes with great flexibility at all times. Please do not hesitate to ask. We hope you very much enjoy our catalogue, and we look forward to working with you long into the future. Your Kerbl Team Order online - and save! Dealers who order via our webshop are able to benefit from a wealth of advantages! We prioritise web orders and guarantee the fastest possible delivery. You can also shop in our webshop 24 hours a day. You also receive a pre-delivery note via e-mail, information about the type of shipping selected and additional dispatch information to help you track the articles you have ordered. Get your consultant to enable access to the online shop for you and you too can benefit from all the advantages that online shopping has to offer!