Protective Equipment 2022/23

14 1,84l VOC VOC VOC VOC VOC VOC CO2 28 g 1,84 l 2,4 g Climate change - a global problem Climate change, pollution of our oceans, and the consumption of fossil resources are a global problem. We, Albert Kerbl GmbH, also want to play our part in putting a stop to these trends, and in maintaining the earth in its present form. This is why we, together with well-known producers, have developed a sustainability concept for gloves: 2.6 recycled plastic bottles are equivalent to 1 pair of ThinkGreen gloves Buying a pair saves 28 g CO2 and 1.84 l water, and avoids the use of 2.4 g VOC (volatile organic compounds). Plastic bottle Granules Recycled yarn Glove