Protective Equipment 2022/23

15 Think Green Our approach is not merely restricted to the gloves themselves; instead it goes a step further. It includes Concept Recycled fibres Compliance with the GRS standard (Global Recycling Standard) means that a product must consist of at least 50 % recycled materials. The textile fibres of those THINKGREEN gloves marked with the GRS logo, are in fact made of 100 % recycled polyester. The high content of recycled materials in THINKGREEN gloves is proved by testing institute Intertek, in compliance with the strict criteria of the Global Recycling Standard 4.0. Sustainable paper We take the 4-pillar approach: • Avoid • Reduce • Reuse • Degradable Packaging materials must be harmless for humans and organisms as well. We make every attempt to forgo the use of excessive packaging. Our suppliers have succeeded in obtaining their certification according to FSC-STD-10-004. In order to trace to the source, the certificate number accompany the FSC logo. The cardboard used for product and transport packaging consists of 100 % recycled material. Plastics-free adhesive tapes Instead of the usual plastic adhesive tapes, specially manufactured paper adhesive tapes are used. These contain of 70 % paper, 12 % natural fibres, and 18 % amylose. Green dyes Traditional printings are based on toluene, xylene, industrial alcohols, and other volatile organic compounds, and are extremely harmful to the climate and water. In contrast to this, for our gloves in the THINKGREEN series, environmentally friendly, water-based dyes are used exclusively.