Protective Equipment 2022/23

16 Degradable Platic bag Think Green Abrasion resistance(0-4) Cut resistance(0-5) Breaking strength(0-4) Puncture resistance(0-4) Cut resistance(A-F) Biologically degradable plastic bags The plastic bags consist of biologically degradable material (including maize starch and cellulose), and in a natural environment they degrade within 6 months, due to the effects of moisture and light. That’s why we are happy to accept a somewhat milky appearance. Free of harmful substances Your health matters to us. That’s why the THINKGREEN gloves are annually tested on harmful substances year by the Institute Hohenstein against the extensive set of criteria of Oeco-Tex Standard 100. Rest assured of the compatibility of the gloves, both for wearers and the environment. Quality and user comfort The optimum fit and the soft, elastic coating are convincing in everyday and professional use. The gloves are CE-tested according to standard EN388 by notified bodies. THINKGREEN gloves are characterised by high abrasion resistance. SCAN ME Accompany us on our journey Concept