Protective Equipment 2022/23

55 Respiratory protection Kerbl respirators help to respond optimally to threats by pollutants and to protect yourself from them safely. All respirators are Category 3 Personal Protective Equipment (irreversible health damage) in accordance with EU Directive 2016/425. Breathing valves make them more comfortable. ​Code ​Description Example A organic gases and vapours Painting, tarring, herbicides B Inorganic gases and vapours, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide Detergents and disinfection agents E Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride Exhaust gases K Ammonia Manure, stables P Dust Dust Activated carbon filter in half-masks for protection against gases and vapours The filter classes provide information on the maximum concentration of harmful gas in the air: Filter class Maximum protection 1 <1000 ppm (0,1vol%) 2 <5000 ppm (0,5vol%) 3 <10000 ppm (1,0vol%) The lifetime of filters depends on the humidity and temperature of the inhaled air, the chemical composition of the gases or the storage conditions. This means a general lifetime cannot be specified. Change the filter as soon as you notice the first unpleasant odours or inhaling becomes difficult as the filter has bonded together. ​Type Model Protection zones Application examples Hygiene mask 345103/10, 345103/50 no personal protective equipment coarse dust, liquid droplets and droplet-borne infection FFP1 34511/3 34511/10 34512/3 4-fold MAK value* Dust, pollen, rust, tile dust, aqueous aerosols FFP2 34695/10 34695/3 10-fold MAK value* Quartz, cement, flour and wood dust, metal smoke, fungal spores, aerosols, viruses, aqueous solutions of herbicides FFP3 34694/3 34694/10 30-fold MAK value* Stainless steel dust, asbestos, diesel soot, glass wool, viruses / bacteria P: filtering of noxious dusts, smoke, aerosols *MAK value = maximum workplace concentration. It indicates the maximum, permitted concentration of a material in the air for which no health damage can be expected, even when one is exposed to it for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.