Protective Equipment 2022/23

9 Towa MicroFinish Founded in 1947 in Japan, TOWA has developed into a global specialist in dipped gloves. TOWA developed the first dipped glove in the sixties. TOWA gloves are now sold in over 30 countries on 5 continents. Ergonomic shape: In the eyes of TOWA, the most important step in developing a glove is the development of the ideal hand shapes. Extensive research in this area makes TOWA gloves unmatched in terms of fit. TOWA rigorously guards these unique hand shapes as they are the key difference in TOWA gloves to those of other manufacturers. Quality control: TOWA gloves are characterised by uncompromising quality. TOWA was the first Japanese manufacturer whose work was awarded ISO 9002 in 1994 and ISO 9001 in 2000 for quality control. Gloves protect the physical integrity of the user; safety is therefore paramount for TOWA. MicroFinish® - Suction cup system TOWA has spent a long time developing a technology that offers safety, comfort and, above all, maximum grip. The process now patented by TOWA ensures maximum grip with minimum hand fatigue in wet or oily conditions. Most conventional gloves recommended for slippery applications have a rigid coating with a roughened surface but only use a small part of the surface for grip. MicroFinish®, however, takes a different approach. The remarkable grip is achieved with a soft and flexible coating in which thousands of microscopically small air pockets are captured. When these pockets come into contact with surfaces, they create a vacuum and displace liquid, meaning that almost the entire glove surface grips the object. TOWA MicroFinish® gloves are, in contrast to conventional latex or nitrile foam coated gloves, impermeable to liquid. What makes Towa gloves so successful? pre-curved finger structure unique TOWA fit ‘suction cup system’ provides maximum grip no compromises on the quality of the coating no fillers seamless fabric – no pressure points Feel the difference with MicroFinish® Latex (NR) under dry conditions Dipped back PowerGrab® Plus Comparable gloves Nitrile (NBR) under oily conditions Dipped back ActivGrip® Advance Comparable gloves 1.25 N 0.60 N 0.60 N 0.28 N