HK Rheintechnik

14 Pregnancy Testers HK Pregnancy Testers for Cattle and Mares The problem: • the animal was mated and has since shown no signs of returning to oestrus However, there is a high risk of false pregnancy. • the animal’s pregnancy has been confirmed, but there are signs of returning to oestrus after some months. You should not necessarily conclude that a miscarriage has occurred. A fertility treatment or re-insemination despite pregnancy would lead to a miscarriage. The solution: The HK Rheintechnik pregnancy tester provides certainty. The device generates ultrasonic waves that are sent out from the transducer and reflected when they meet separating layers (e.g. tissue fluid). In pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus increases so dramatically that it slowly descends into the abdominal cavity, meaning the ultrasonic waves can pick it up. The device converts the reflected ultrasonic waves into a continuous noise, indicating pregnancy. An intermittent whistle noise denotes a lack of separating layer – the animal is not pregnant. Advantages: • you can determine when you want the examination to take place • no previous expertise or training required • no unpleasant transrectal examination required for the animal, so no risk of miscarriage • the device is comfortably worn on the belt, leaving both hands free for measurement • robust workmanship in a solid plastic casing • automatic shut-off prevents unnecessary energy consumption • in most cases, the test takes less than 30 seconds • the housing is protected against moisture ingress • secure storage in the supplied case • supplied with 4 x 1.5 V AA (LR6) batteries Usage: The starting point for the probe, lubricated with contact oil, is beneath the knee fold at the base of the udder. In the case of an existing pregnancy, the ultrasound waves are reflected from the amniotic fluid, causing a loud, continuous tone. If the probe is moved too far towards the tail, reflections off the bladder or pelvic floor can lead to a false positive. In the case of an unclear result, repeat the process 2 - 3 days later for additional certainty.