HK Rheintechnik

4 3 Calf Puller The Mechanisms The mechanisms for pulling the calving ropes provide an even, gentle transfer of force to shaft and calving rope. HK Rheintechnik calf pullers are available with two different mechanisms: Mechanism 2020 – the Standard Version Advantages: • low weight, as made entirely out of aluminium • with 3 hooks for the calving ropes enabling both alternate and equal tension. Veterinarians recommend alternating tension until the shoulders have entered the mother’s pelvis, and then to switch to equal tension for the rest of the birthing process in order to protect the pelvis. • super easy to use quick release, even under load • the mechanism can be moved 360 ° around the tube in all models, providing unlimited flexibility Cows and heifers usually give birth without help. But if there are complications occur during the second stage, mechanical calf pullers are a life-saving aid. The use of a suitable calf puller is especially important, alongside care and expertise. Otherwise, serious injury or stillbirths could result. An HK Rheintechnik calf puller is the right tool to choose. More than 1.5 million calf puller have been sold since Hermann Kaspar developed the HK Rheintechnik calf puller more than 50 years ago. HK Rheintechnik calf pullers are known for their reliability. HK Rheintechnik is still the only provider to date to offer a 3-year warranty on its calf puller (excluding wearing parts). We present our various versions and their respective strengths below. 3-year warranty 106410