HK Rheintechnik

6 The Shaft The length of the shaft should be adjusted to the dimensions of the calving pen. It is also important that the shaft is long enough to help larger calves into the world. Veterinarians recommend a length of 180 cm. The HK Rheintechnik shafts comply with this recommendation. HK Rheintechnik offers an extension of 30 cm for especially large animals: Item no. 106908 Advantages: • a unique, patented groove design gives the mechanism a secure hold • the shaft’s geometry leads to wide rather than selec- tive placement of the locking plates. This improves force transfer and lowers wear • the rounded edges of the grooves further minimise wear and tear • the unique processing method gives the tube greater wall thickness and so greater stability • the shaft will last for decades thanks to the high-qua- lity steel alloy • the tube can be disassembled into three parts, provi- ding handy storage: the HK Rheintechnik calf pullers are ideal for transporting in cars (e.g. for veterinarians) • extended intermediate piece gives the two-part tube additional stability • precise, seamless transition between the upper and lower part provides a secure hold even in this area of the tube Calf Puller 106905