Sana Milk Filters

2 Important: The milk filter prevents coarse dirt particles from entering the milk tank. The milk filter cannot, however, retain dissolved substances or bacteria in the milk. The milk filter’s pores are around 50 - 150 µm in size. Bacteria are smaller and can pass through the filter. A high level of hygiene is still required during milking despite filter use. • high tensile strength of the nonwoven material (both length and widthways) • strong seam / connection • maximum fine filtration with simultaneous sufficient milk permeability Too little permeability leads to the accumulation of milk and the filter tearing. • resistance to high temperatures and detergents (acid and alkaline) • careful selection of raw materials and production with food contact in mind (food safety) Ensure that your filters are suitable for food contact. The following icons certify food safety. What makes a good milk filter? • cleans coarse dirt particles (dung, hair, straw, insects etc.) out of the milk • detects udder diseases in the herd (milk flakes) • monitors udder cleaning • maintains plate cooler efficiency What does the milk filter do?