Veterinary Equipment 2023

123 Hoof Stand EcoFlex The new 2-in-1 solution for treating front and rear hooves with a hoof stand. The horse is able to relax more during its hoof care without you needing to bear its weight. • protects the back and knees • easy to use • very precise and simple height adjustment thanks to the folding set screw • support surface for the front hoof made from sturdy hardened rubber • support strap for the rear hoof made from soft and durable polypropylene • an innovative design reduces the risk of injury during hoof care • suitable for various sizes and breeds of horse • also suitable for older horses that need more comfort and assistance during hoof care ​ ​ ​ for front hooves Ref. no. ​ € 16180 1 ​ Tools for rear hooves Top Seller