Veterinary Equipment 2023

50 Supporting Breeding Equipment Ruminal Magnet fortissimo • Neodymium magnets with very high attraction • The arrangement of the magnets on the outer surfaces of the plastic jacket increases efficiency in comparison with internal magnets • large interior space for incorporating foreign bodies • foreign bodies adhering to the outer surfaces are moved to the inside through the rotation of the ruminal magnet in the stomach • patented A special design that is highly effective with a large interior for absorbing foreign bodies. ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 21160 beige 10 pieces 10 / pack 1/10/180 ​ Ruminal Magnet forte • therapy and prophylaxis of hardware disease in cattle (traumatic indigestion) • active ferrite magnetic system with high pulling power and adhesive strength for best therapeutic results • powerful magnet extracts and collects hardware containing iron that has pierced the reticular wall shortly before ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Length Width Height MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 21150 yellow 100 mm 35 mm 35 mm 10 pieces 10 / pack 1/10/200 ​ Ruminal Magnet • For effective prophylaxis of disease from foreign bodies • the ruminal magnet in the plastic housing should be given to all healthy cattle in good time as a preventative measure. Its magnetic force is sufficient to collect ferrous debris and to store them in the cage space. ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Length Width Height MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 2115 green 100 mm 35 mm 35 mm 10 pieces 10 / pack 1/10/200 ​ 2115/2 green 100 mm 35 mm 35 mm 1 blister pack 2 / blister pack 1 ​ Introducer for bolus and ruminal magnet • for single-handed operation • rounded edges • Introducer sleeve: internal diameter 36 mm, length 11 cm, with retaining spring • suitable for Calzogol Bolus (item No. 15980), Ket-o-Vital Bolus (item No. 15982), Fertilgol Bolus (item No. 15983), Phosphogol Bolus (item No. 15987) and cage magnets 2129: suitable for young cattle and small cattle species 2139: suitable for large cattle species (e.g. Holstein, Fleckvieh, Brown Swiss) ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Material Length ​ € 2129 green stainless steel 53 cm 1/30 ​ 2139 green stainless steel 70 cm 1/30 ​ ​ Ruminal magnets – for effective prevention of disease from foreign bodies. Foreign bodies hidden in feed, such as nails, wires and metal splinters, represent a major risk to cattle because they are non-selective when eating: they get into the reticulum where they can bore through the stomach wall due to the reticulum contractions required for mixing and further transport of the food. This usually results in an infection of the abdominal cavity followed by an inflammatory response. The organs surrounding the reticulum can also be traumatised by this. The early administration of a magnet to a cow suspected of having a foreign body can lead to recovery of the animal within two to three days. If the animal is not treated, the foreign body can migrate and cause peritonitis, which can lead to a total loss of the animal. Even the preventative administration of a magnet has proven successful. Made in Germany