Veterinary Equipment 2023

6 Aesculap Cordless Clipper Durati VET The Durati for special use in the veterinary field with a cutter head for close-to-skin shearing in proven Aesculap quality. Light, optimally balanced and very easy to grip, the Durati with its long battery life does a perfect job as an assistant! • a high shearing speed thanks to a high stroke rate of 3,500 strokes per minute for precise free-hand shearing • powerful rechargeable battery with lithium-ion technology enables very long battery life of over 3 hours • with enormous pulling power even for stuck and encrusted areas • ergonomically shaped grip area for precise guidance • fatigue-free operation due to its extremely low weight • charger with charging compartments for clipper and battery • incl. cutter head GT310 #40 (0.25 mm) ​ ​ ​ Set includes: 1 x cordless clippers Durati VET, 1 x battery, 1 x cutter head GT310 #40 (0.25 mm), 1 x Aesculap oil (GT604), 1 x instruction manual, 1 x power pack with interchangeable plug (EU, UK, US, AUS) Technical data ​ Clipper head system Aesculap SnapOn, Compatible Drive brushless EC motor Drive Rocker arm/eccentric Stroke rate approx. 3.500 strokes/min Battery technology Li-Ion Battery capacity 2.850 mAh Battery run time 240 min Battery charge time 240 min Sound pressure level 63 dB Weight 380 g incl. battery and clipping head Ref. no. Colour ​ € GT454-NB blue 1/9 ​ Ref. no. Description capacity of battery Shear head size Shearing height ​ € GT310 Aesculap Cutter head SnapOn ​ 40 0,25 mm 1/10/50 ​ XT431 Spare battery 2.850 mAh ​ ​ 1/20 ​ Made in Germany Veterinary Equipment