Veterinary Equipment 2023

91 Probicol® -F Liquid To stabilise physiological digestion and for short-term additional vitamin supply Liquid dietary supplement with the ingredients and additives that a piglet needs right after birth, after weaning and in the case of digestive problems and physical strain. • Lactic acid bacteria colonise the intestinal tract and so prevent the spread of harmful bacteria (such as E-coli) • ideal food supplement with energy providers and vitamins A, D3 and E as well as immunoglobulins (from colostrum) to support piglet immune systems • easy application with the pump dispenser (item no. 221054, available separately) Dietary supplementary feed to stabilise physiological digestion. Highly digestible ingredients. ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 15770 250 ml / Bottle 1/12 ​ Ref. no. Description ​ € 221054 Dispenser 1/400 ​ Feeding recommendation: • 1 pump = 2 ml to be given directly after birth. Give 1 pump = 2 ml morning and evening with the piglet doser orally at the first sign of diarrhoea until the diarrhoea subsides. Dietary supplement Mark of quality for feed from the Bavarian Farmers’ Association Farms taking part in the ‘Offene Stalltür’ (Open Barn Door) programme commit themselves to using only feed bearing this stamp. This guarantees general animal feed safety at these farms. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified. Dietary supplement for piglets ​ ​ Feeding recommendation: • first dose: Feed 2 – 4 ml (1 – 2 pumps) • if necessary, give another dose of 2 ml on the second and third day after the first dose • during weaning and digestive problems, administer 2 ml once or twice a day Ref. no. Contents ​ € 15990 250 ml / Bottle 1/12 ​ Ref. no. Description ​ € 221054 Dispenser 1/400 ​ Globigen Pig Doser to stabilise physiological digestion • for a successful start in life • Supply of natural egg immunoglobulins • supports the immune system and intestinal health • can reduce the mortality rate (more weaned piglets / sow / year) • can improve weight gain • low buffering capacity, highly digestible ingredients • Dispenser for quick and easy application in the first days of life 221054