Aesculap Clippers & Accessories 2022

11 SnapOn system The SnapOn system from Aesculap features: • Compatible clipper head system • Clipper head GT330 included • Cord-connected machines with proprietary motors • Cordless machines with lithium-ion batteries Changing the cutter head Removing the cutter head: • loosen the cutter head lock by pressing the push button • press against the cutter head from the front to tip it backwards • pull the cutter head out of the blade hinge Attaching the cutter head: • place the cutter head on the blade hinge • switch on the machine • press the cutter head forwards until it clicks Important: the machine must be turned on so that the rocker arm can snap into the cutter head. If it does not snap in, you will hear a “rattling“ sound and the cutter head will not cut. Tip: If the blade hinge for the cutter head is accidentally tipped, you can loosen it again using a screwdriver. Cleaning and caring for the cutter head: GT604 Aesculap Oil GTA103 Aesculap Blade Cool 2.0 We recommend oiling the cutter head before each shearing session. You can both reduce heat build-up and clean at the same time with the Blade Cool. Use this at least every 10 minutes. Oiling during shearing also improves the cut and extends the sharpness of the cutter head.