Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

7 Calving Supplies Moocall Calving Alarm The hour before/of birth! Don’t miss another birth! The tried and tested calving alarm by Moocall reliably informs you of an impending birth. You’ll have enough time to make all the necessary provisions and notify the vet if required. The newborn calf will be well cared for and receive the vital colostrum dose right after birth. Give help in time and save both cow and calf! • Attach 3 days before the calculated birthdate • Alerts approx. one hour before birth via SMS, email or app • sends to two phone numbers and three e-mail addresses (adjustable) • free “Breed Manager by Moocall” app for iOS and Android • Device can be used successively on all animals • suitable for all cattle breeds (Limousin, Angus, Fleckvieh, Holstein Friesian, Jersey, etc.) thanks to flexibly adjustable ratchet closure • 30 days battery time • easy charging via USB interface • built-in SIM – ready to use • data plans etc. included in the service fee - in the 1st + 2nd year from activation • works worldwide via GSM, even with weak network coverage, and with any mobile phone/smartphone • Plastic with USB charging cable ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Length ​ ​ € 10500 green / red 19 cm 1/10 220 ​ Step by step: 1. Register the device online or by phone 2. Charge the device 3. Switch on and send a test message 4. Open the ratchet fastener 5. Adjust the rubber pad 6. Attach at crotch height 7. Finished! Moocall sends the following messages: • Sensor has come off the cow’s tail • High activity in the last hour (advance warning) • High activity in the two hours (birth alarm) • After 4 days, remove the sensor for 4 hours • Low battery (20 %) • Test message