Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

8 HK Calf Pullers What makes HK calf pullers unique? Tie rod • Stable, thick-walled steel tube, length 180 cm • A unique, patented groove design gives the mechanism a secure hold • The tie rod’s geometry means the locking plates are applied all over the surface, rather than only at certain points. This improves force transfer and reduces wear • The rounded edges of the grooves further minimise wear and tear • The unique machining process lends the tube greater wall thickness and therefore greater stability • The tube can be disassembled into three parts, for easy storage: HK Rheintechnik calf pullers are ideal for transporting in cars (e.g. for vets) HK Flexi Frames The best protection against slipping. The frame surrounds the mother’s pelvis and reliably prevents slipping down and to the side. • tiltable, pulling motion possible both towards the tail and towards the udder • Frame made from galvanised steel tube with a smooth surface, making it both hygienic and easy to clean • 3-year warranty ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Bowl width Pipe diameter Suitable for ​ ​ € 106820 52 cm 26 mm Dairy Breeds 1 26 ​ 106821 58 cm 30 mm Beef Breeds, Cows with wide pelvises 1 26 ​ Ref. no. Description Length suitable for ​ € 106908 Extension for HK Calf Pullers 30 cm ​ 1 ​ 106907 Threaded Piece for Attaching the Extension ​ 106908 1 ​ Accessories for HK Calf Pullers Cows and heifers usually give birth without help. But if complications occur during the second stage, mechanical calf pullers are a life-saving aid. Alongside care and expertise, the use of a suitable calf puller is especially important. Otherwise, serious injury or stillbirth could result. An HK calf puller is the right tool to choose. Since Hermann Kaspar developed the HK calf puller more than 50 years ago, more than 1.5 million have been sold. Made in Germany 3-year warranty HK Plastic Head – The Classic sturdy plastic heads with lateral angled clamps • small, easy to handle, lightweight • ideal for recumbent births where larger heads can often not be positioned under the recumbent cow • 3-year warranty ​ ​ ​ HK plastic heads with adjustable side frame The steel frame is adjusted to the shape of the pelvis, which prevents the ischium and the long ischium muscles from slipping. • Triple adjustment option means it can be adjusted to each individual animal, i.e. the frame is suitable for both dairy breed with a narrow pelvis and for beef breeds with a wide pelvis • wide, sturdy head for an even more non-slip fit • 3-year warranty ​ ​ ​