The permanent fence guide for paddocks

28 Ø 140 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 140 mm The permanent fence | wooden post and fence tape E Underground cable Item no. 44819 Staples Item no. 44394 G B B B A or C D D F F E E G G G The gate handle with tape connector … simple but perfect! You will need 2x gate handle insulator item no. 44355 per tape row for the gate system with gate handle. The tape is held and tensioned by the insulator on the right side of the image and on the left side, the gate handle is hung in the metal plate. AKO tip: Hang the gate handle in the metal plate on the other side when opening the gate. This prevents knotting and reduces soiling to the tapes. AKO FlexiGate tape … the clean solution! The FlexiGate is fixed directly to the wooden post using the 2 supplied wood screws. Always attach the FlexiGate to the fence outer. This prevents horses from being able to destroy the housing. Electrify the rolled tape using a connector cable between FlexiGate and tape. AKO tip: Guide the gate handle back to the housing – do not simply let it go. FlexiGate with 40 mm tape - 7.5 m (item no. 441298/011) Gate handle with Litzclip® Tape connector 40 mm (item no. 4494440) G A Item no. 443501 Tethering and strain insulator Item no. 44355/041 B Gate insulator C Item no. 44578 Tape tensioner Item no. 44616/011 Item no. 44617/011 Tape Connector Tape Connecting Cable F D Wire connecting clamp Item no. 441225