The permanent fence guide for paddocks

27 Gate Insulator The insulator selection depends on which gate system is installed. The individual gate structures are shown in more detail on the following pages. Gate post* • gate post: item no. 441828 – 140 mm x 250 cm • post height above ground: 165 cm • drive-in depth: 85 cm The permanent fence | wooden post and fence tape 01 | Litzclip® tape connector 40 mm ... ...for connecting 2 tape ends. 02 | Warning sign ... for attachment at regular, clearly visible intervals. 03 | Fence connector cable … for cross-connecting the tape rows every 200-400 m. • 3 a) connector cable… from row 1 to 2 • 3 b) connector cable … on every additional row 04 | High voltage underground cable ... for underground transmission of the current. AKO tip: ALWAYS affix the conductor material on the fence inner. Item no. 44819 Item no. 44617/011 Item no. 44616/011 Item no. 446513 03 | a) 03 | b) Ø 140 mm Ø 140 mm galvanised pasture gate 04 | underground cable * please align the top conductor material row to the withers height of the largest horse in the pasture Item no. 442002/051 AKO tip: Set the gate tethering post well in concrete or support the post with a cross plank (see p. 21 and 23) in order to keep the post permanently vertical. Run the underground cable under the soil in a protective hose. This will prevent the cable from being damaged.