The permanent fence guide for paddocks

51 Post spacing: 1.50 m Post spacing: max. 4 m Post spacing: 1.50 m The semi-permanent fence | T-Post and fence rope The gate handle with rope connector … simple but perfect! Gate handle with Litzclip® Rope connector (item no. 44948) G I H J Important: You MUST ALWAYS remove the ground anchor plates when attaching the T-Post diagonal posts. This prevents the horses from being injured. F C E E D G G A + B + C Gateway post spacing: depends on gate size G + B + C Item no. 441494 Item no. 441788 Gate insulator Fence Starter Set T-Post Post spacing: max. 4 m Item no. 441253 Item no. 441252 Head Insulator Item no. 441190 Item no. 441189 Stretch Insulator